Klitschko who turns 50 on July 19 shares the highlights of his life


Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko who turns 50 on July 19 shared the highlights of his life in a video he posted on Facebook. 

“Dear friends! Life is going so fast and sometimes recalling old memories, I can hardly believe they are real. Would I ever want to change anything that has happened in my life? It is very unlikely. All those challenges I overcame and all those joys I was rewarded with are my personal life story that people around me share in back then and now. Once I chose the words “Nothing is Impossible” as my motivational quote and they still inspire me. Those words are true if you believe in yourself, in your dream, if you burn for it and are ready to work and fight for it until you win. I am going to look on my 50th anniversary tomorrow with the same attitude. I am only 50 and there are many new stories for me ahead!” says Vitali Klitschko on his page.

The film is based on Klitschko’s unique archive footage and features the early athletic career of the boxing legend, his journey to the championship and his political path, including his term as MP, participation in the Revolution of Dignity and his term as the mayor of Ukraine’s capital city.