Wladimir Klitschko addresses Russians: It is you who kill our children, bomb and raze our cities and homes to the ground!


The former heavyweight boxing world champion and brother of Kyiv mayor Wladimir Klitschko addressed the citizens of Russia through social media.

Wladimir Klitschko: This is a message to the Russians, to those who are still able to think…

With imperial ambitions, the invasion of Ukraine and the barbarity of your so-called army, you have sowed eternal hatred…

The words that your government is one thing and the Russian public is quite another are absolute nonsense! Because it is you who trusted the vile propaganda and distrusted what your relatives and friends in Ukraine were telling. It is you who have kept silent for all eight years when your country occupied Crimea and the part of Donbas. It is you who treated the Ukrainians with arrogance and believed that there was no such a nation. It is you who shared myths about some Nazis and other nonsense! It is your soldiers who are your husbands or sons that have now come to Ukraine. And you all know about it. You are calling them, asking about how they are doing there, on the “mission”.

Do remember: We don’t need to be liberated! We are on our land and build our own country! And we will succeed! Ukraine is a free state that has chosen a democratic European path! And we will fight for our choice! Today, more than ever, we are united and resolute in this striving.

It is not us who have come to your land. It is you who kill our children, bomb and raze our cities and homes to the ground! You must know: every one of you is called the Ork here! That’s the point. There are no good or bad Russians now while you are silent and heed the propaganda of a mad dictator!

The entire civilized world stands today at the side of brave Ukrainians. I have the greatest admiration for the way they are standing up for their land. It definitely will be difficult for us but we will not give up because we have no fear! And your army has already understood this.

Any ultimatums to people who are dying for their land will fail. Do remember, no matter how hard you try to destroy Ukraine and Ukrainians now, any further attempts will destroy your country as well. They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind. 

And the storm is already coming up!

If you don’t want to end up in complete isolation, don’t shake with fear or indifference! Be brave like Ukrainians and save your country! We will not give up on ours, we will never give up!

I am proud to be a Ukrainian, a representative of a strong, freedom-loving and heroic nation!

Glory to Ukraine!