Klitschko: In Kyiv, the first systems of automated access to shelters and storage facilities have been installed and tested


The mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko has visited one of the shelters in the Darnytsia district, where the overhaul of the premises was practically completed and a system of automated door opening was installed. Thanks to such systems, the shelters are opened immediately after the air alarm signal.

“Kyiv has started construction of civil defense facilities with automated opening systems. The first such systems are already being installed in shelters in the Darnytsia district of the capital. In the shelter that weve inspected, major repairs have almost been completed. The area of the premises is 140 square meters and shelter is designed for more than 200 people, – claims the mayor of the capital. – Considering enemy using the ballistic missiles, when explosions occur within minutes of the alarm, it is important that access to shelters is unhindered and prompt. And thanks to such automated systems, shelters and vaults are opened immediately after an air raid signal. In general, we plan to install systems in almost 3,000 shelters and warehouses in Kyiv,” Vitali Klitschko says.

He also said that on June 8, by decision of the Kyiv City Council, the city additionally allocated UAH 750 million for the repair and arrangement of shelters. Up to this, last and current year, UAH 1.2 billion were allocated. The money will be directed, in particular, to the installation of automated access systems, to the purchase of two hundred modular reinforced concrete shelters for rapid deployment, which will be installed, at first, on the territory of bedroom communities. And also – for retrofitting basements that can be used as shelters. Unscheduled inventory will beidentifying such objects.