Klitschko: A road to truly free, peaceful and integrated Europe goes through mutual understanding and cooperation of the European youth


Kyiv mayor and the leader of UDAR party Vitali Klitschko delivered a keynote address at an event hosted by the Junge Union, the youth organisation in Hannover. In attendance was also Armin Laschet, the chancellor candidate Armin Laschet, the leader of CDU/CSU. UDAR party has been partnering with the CDU/CSU for over ten years now.

“Looking at the young men and women here, I think about your peers in Ukraine. As you know, for the past seven years we the Ukrainians have been fighting back the Russian aggression. Our battle is for our European path, our right to become a member of the European family. Today we seek to transform our country according to the European values and standards into a democratic country each citizen of which is free to achieve his or her potential. This is the future we want. Will we be able to achieve our dream? I am sure we will!” stressed Vitali Klitschko. 

He noted that Ukraine’s or Germany’s success much depends on proactive and persistent young people who care about their country.

He also reminded that today many young Ukrainians are on active duty and defend the freedom and sovereignty of Ukraine as well as the peace and stability of Europe. 

“There are many young people in Ukraine who are enthusiastic about new ways of doing politics, engaged in creative industries or start businesses. It is people like them who drive the development of open, democratic and innovative Ukraine. There are many of them in our party. It is my dream to see that thousands of young Ukrainians and Germans are in touch, networking, implementing creative ideas or stepping up to respond to climate change and other most pressing challenges. A road to truly peaceful and integrated Europe goes through mutual understanding and cooperation of the European youth who respect their democratic values and reject a dictatorship and aggression,” underlined Klitschko.

Also, in the meeting with Armin Laschet Vitali Klitschko emphasized that Ukraine is looking for further support of its sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as its fight against Russian aggression from Germany. “ It is very important to maintain and even strengthen the sanctions on the Russian Federation if Russia uses the Nord Stream 2 as a geopolitical weapon and an instrument of coercing Ukraine,” said Klitschko. “We are convinced that this is a dangerous project for both Ukraine and Europe and their energy security. Russia’s recent announcements leave no doubt about it. This is why some preventive policies should be introduced in this respect,” stated Vitali Klitschko.